- Medium $3 each

Ace Hybrid 55 days Extra early, Ace is always the first pepper to yield in our Labelle Garden. Ace is high yielding, producing 55-60 gram medium sized, 3 lobed, glossy green tall bell pepper that matures red. Holds blossoms in adverse weather conditions allowing it to produce peppers when other varieties do not. 55 days

North Star Hybrid 65 days First large bell type to turn red. Very sweet and flavourful when mature. Recommended for short season areas, featuring the ability to continually set fruit even under adverse conditions. North Star produces 3-4 lobed sweet, blocky bell pepper. Has done very well right here in Nova Scotia. Matures green to deep red 65 days

Weaver’s Mennonite Stuffing – Heirloom Originally from the Weaver family of Lancaster County Pennsylvania. The small red fruit are only 1 ½" in diameter but the productive plants are literally covered with peppers. This variety is a type of pepper called a tomato pepper. There are many different varieties all having the same squat appearance. These small peppers were traditionally used for pickling or for hors d’oeuvres. A very productive and early pepper that is excellent for short season climates. (60 days from transplant)


- Medium $2 each Large $3 each

Hungarian Hot Wax - Waxy yellow, 6-8” long, 2” wide fruit. Sets an abundance of fruit early. Turns to bright red when fully ripe. Medium hot. 65 days

California Wonder - Medium 4" fruits with thick fleshy walls and mild flavour. Turning to crimson when ripe. 76 days

Sweet Banana - A productive, firm and sweet fruit, 6” in length, 1-1/2” wide tapering to a point. Colour turns from green to waxy yellow to crimson red when mature. 75 days