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Large $3.50 Medium $2.00

Golden Cherry Tomato - Wonderful sweet flavour. Has grown very well right here in Labelle for the past several seasons. Big plants will produce until frost. Golden Cherry is an indeterminate variety with a very thin skin. Maturity of 60-65

Small Tomatoes in 3 Variety Cell Pack

6 pack $5.00

Yellow Pear - Small fruited yellow salad type. This variety bears an abundance of small 1 1/2”, pear-shaped, yellow fruits which are used for salads and preserving. Popular with children of all ages for fresh eating. Indeterminate. 65 days

Sweetie Cherry Tomato - The sweetest cherry tomato you will ever taste! Small 2.5 cm (1") (approximate size) fruits form in clusters on long branches. This semi-determinate variety should be staked for maximum production.